Saturday, June 11, 2011

Super 8 review

It sounds contrite, but true, that J.J. Abrams has written and directed a really great movie.  Some have said it's the E.T. of our generation and I definitely agree, but that should not be viewed as a bad thing.  Abrams has been quoted in saying that he makes movies that he would like to see and, in turn, he has created a movie that the world should also see.

"Super 8" has humor, intrigue, suspense, and is full of heart.  The cast of children have great chemistry together and the viewer can easily believe that they all have been friends for their entire lives.  It's a period piece where every detail has had that personal touch to take you to the world being presented to the viewer.  While there were a few slow parts and predictable scenes that every movie cannot avoid, the rest is filled with fantastic action scenes filled with impeccable special effects and powerful emotional scenes that tear at the heart strings.  4 out of 5 stars.

Friday, June 3, 2011

X-men: First Class review

In a word, "X-men: First Class" was good.  Erik and Charles really stole the show and they were a pleasure to watch on screen.  There was some really good chemistry between these two characters and their actions personified their views concerning the existence and continued emergence of the mutant situation.  They were truly good friends and seeing them work together in a common interest reminded the viewer that they aren't just mutants, they are humans, trying to fit in and contribute to society with their gifts.  In the same token, both held different ideals which led them ultimately to the path that we all know they would choose to be on different sides.

Unfortunately, their "First Class" of mutants or students wasn't the best class they could assemble and were easily forgettable, yet Erik and Charles did their best with what they had to overcome the crisis at hand while still operating their own agendas.  As teachers, they let their students grow by making mistakes, learning from them, and making their own decisions in life.  Also, like any good teacher or parent, they hoped that their students would might the best moral decision, yet sometimes they wanted them to make the decision that best served them.

Overall, the viewer is treated with a very good back story and development of two very different characters that are Erik and Charles.  They really shined while the minor characters didn't shine as bright.  I give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.