Friday, February 19, 2016

Big Eyes [2014] review

Props to Tim Burton for 1) not casting Johnny Depp, 2) not casting Helena Bonham Carter, and 3) exploring a movie filmed not using his "normal" style, even though it does have a tinge of Edward Scissorhands coloring at parts.

Amy Adams does a good, not great job as Margaret Keane.  Christoph Waltz does a fantastic job as Walter Keane, but I wish the script explored a little bit more of his motivations other than just making him look like a clever ass hole.  Both take you on a interesting journey of this story inspired by true events, and it kept me captivated for most of the movie until the end courtroom scenes that just felt silly.  It's definitely worth a watch, as I enjoyed it, but don't rush out and rent/buy it.  3 out 5 stars.