Saturday, May 19, 2012

SNL: Will Ferrell/Usher review

Saturday Night Live: Will Ferrell/Usher 
Season 37, Episode 21, Aired May 12, 2012

Political sketch - Will Ferrell as George W. Bush I think.  His impression was WAY off the mark making this sketch pretty much garbage.
Opening Monologue - Will Ferrell's "unscripted" Mother's Day speech brought some audience chuckles but for me it fell flat.
Nasaflu sketch - Will Ferrell just scream-sneezing.  This was not humorous at all.
Marty Culp and Bobbi Mohan-Culp (Classic sketch) - Will Ferrell's heart didn't seem in it, plus it appeared that he forgot some of the lyrics for his solo during one song.  Disappointed.
ESPN Stay Free Maxi Pads sketch - Will Ferrell plays news correspondent that is saying things on camera but unaware.  Another miss.
100th Digital Short - This was semi humorous.  I appreciated the throw backs to all the old digitial shorts more than the humor.  Will Ferrell had a few lines, but it didn't add anything to the song.
Usher - He did well; I enjoyed the song.
Weekend Update - Mostly enjoyable as usual with a few laughs.  No Ferrell during the update which, at this point, was a slight glimmer in this dark hole of a show.
Funkytown Debate - Will Ferrell and Usher singing / debating.  Dumb.
Broadway Sizzle - Will Ferrell singing songs for girls instead of guys.  Mostly stupid and forgettable.
Usher - He does well again; I did enjoy his first song better.
25th Anniversary Speech sketch - These are rarely funny.  Random people come up to make speeches.  Another fail in a failure of an episode.
Almost Pizza sketch - Previously aired sketch.  I don't get it.  Is it making fun of DiGiorno?  And this is how they end the show?  I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

This episode was so bad that after watching it once, I actually watched it a second time just to be sure.  During my second watch I wrote this review.  I'm still amazed how bad this episode was.  Damn.  Were my expectations too high for Will Ferrell?  I don't think so.  He won the Mark Twain Award for comedy last year and he's been in some great movies, so I guess I just have to chalk this up to a fluke.  Oh well.