Thursday, October 29, 2015

TV Episode Reviews (10/28/2015)

Arrow - Beyond Redemption - S04E04
+ Oliver and Quentin patching their rift
+ New base of operations
- Laurel is still the worst
- Sara side plot
- Atom hinted at but still not found

South Park - Tweek x Craig - S19E06
+ Randy explaining gays to Stan and later at the bar
+ Craig and Tweet's interactions
+ Craig and Tweet's family having talks then giving them money
+ the Yaoi art
+ Almost the entire episode had me laughing out loud
- Cartman and Cupid Me didn't make sense to me, especially the end

The League - The Last Temptation of Andre - S07E08
+ Ruxin and Kevin storyline
- Jenny and Kevin sleep sex storyline
- I'm tired of hearing about the EBDB (BNB). I'm glad this is the final season.
- No Rafi

Star Wars: Rebels - Always Two There Are - S02E03
+ Creepy atmosphere of abandoned medical station
- Fifth Brother could sense the Rebels, but not Zeb on the ceiling
- Firth Brother leaving Zeb to the two tiny droids
+/- Seventh Sister, while menacing, didn't really feel threating, and her threats empty

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cinderella [2015] review

If you came looking for the Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo, you can have it, but not until the very end of the credits. Ignoring the magic of the fairy godmother, this movie grounds us in reality and logic which I could appreciate, but did not find it very entertaining. Some humor attempts to enter around the half way point in the form of the Prince's painter, but that's only after both Cinderella's parents are dead, and her step mother and step sisters verbally abuse her. Again, I appreciate the logic on why Cinderella doesn't leave home, why the staff is dismissed after her father's death, but it is never explained on what the step mother does for money. As hinted to earlier, there are no songs from Walt Disney's 1950 Cinderella film present save for a few bars of Sing, Sweet Nightingale. A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes can be heard during the credits as well. I don't know why these songs were not used during the actual movie and I don't know how this movie grossed so much money.

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Super Mario Maker Wii U - Course IDs UPDATE

Shooting Fish in a Barrel:

Let's Swim:

Bullet Bounce:

Double Trouble:


Knock on Heaven's Door:

Tricky Tetris:

cant touch this:

enjoy the ride:

Buzzsaw Business:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wild [2014] review

Reese Witherspoon goes on a hike through the PCT.   Through flashbacks you learn that she is on the PCT because her character's mother died of cancer at a fairly early age which she doesn't handle well, so as a result of her loss, she got into drugs, cheated on her husband with multiple partners, which led to a stupid horse tattoo and a divorce.  She had a brother as well, but I don't know how he handled the death of their mother as it wasn't his story so that wasn't included.

Overall, I understood what the movie was trying to do, but it didn't pull it off well.  I understand why certain actors in this film got Oscar noms, but after seeing the movie, I can see why they didn't win.  The film definitely showed how dangerous hiking can be, especially for the uninitiated, underprepared/overly prepared with the wrong gear and extra weight, with the added fact that the main character was hiking alone and was a 22 year old women.  Unfortunately the most interesting part of the main character's life was before the trail and done in flashbacks so the audience got pieces of interesting story elements with a lot of foreboding trail elements that didn't bear fruit.