Thursday, June 2, 2016

Daddy's Home [2015] review

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg partner up in this comedy movie about the best step dad in the world verses the absent biological father.  Unfortunately most of the writing falls flat as there aren't really any jokes, but situations that are supposed to make the audience laugh. 

One of the most eye rolling moments is when Will Ferrell attempts to ride a motorcycle, loses control, goes into the house and the motorcycle comes out the window and lands on the family car.  The CGI was horrible and then finding Will Ferrell stuck in the wall inside the house yelling for Mark Wahlberg to put a shirt on elicited no laughter. 

Will Ferrell's boss played by Thomas Haden Church tells three random stories about his ex-wives that are supposed to be funny too, and where some might get a slight chuckle, most of the time the stories felt forced and out of place.  Also, since the boss character bonds with Mark Wahlberg, it just adds another character that is against Ferrell. 

Actually, even the kids don't bond with Ferrell for apparently no reason other than the fact that he's simply the step dad.  The daughter makes it plainly clear that they don't like him which one might find funny, but the childish humor from the child didn't land for me.

Hannibal Buress is shoe horned into this movie as the repairman who ends up living with the family.  He adds no humor in this movie and I'm not a fan of his standup in the first place, so he was already starting in the negatives and never reached positive.

The movie is essentially Meet the Parents where instead of everyone being against Ben Stiller, everyone is against Will Ferrell, and where Meet the Parents can be enjoyable on subsequent viewings, I don't see myself revisiting Daddy's Home ever again.