Thursday, June 29, 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming [2017] Non Spoiler review

1) A lot of "Marvel" movies get flack for their lack of a good villain. Michael Keaton was my favorite part of the movie and I enjoyed his performance more than Tom Holland's.

2) Tom did a fine job, but I would say I enjoyed the choreography, cinematography, and his general quips in Civil War more than anything in Homecoming. It's not that Homecoming was bad, I just felt they could have added a few more acrobatics and maybe a few more POV shots. Nothing really jumped out at surprising and maybe that's a product of the trailers giving away too much.

3) Even though this movie isn't a Spider-man origin story, there are still moments that felt that way which is a tiny negative. We do have a 15 year old sophomore Peter who is a little whiny but thankfully he not full or angst and crybaby-esque like Maguire or Garfield, so that was very much appreciated. Tom/Peter is still slightly awkward as expected, but he's kind of graceful about it, like a swan in roller skates.

4) I did find myself smiling throughout so it was a fun ride overall with very little lulls. I don't recall any moments where it dragged. There was some good humor sprinkled throughout.

5) Small gripes: I felt Happy was used a little too much and Zendaya wasn't needed in this film.

FYI:  Two end credit scenes. One after the cartoony "ball room blitz" credits before the black and white scroll ones start AND one at the very end that is a must see.